Pre-Appointment Care

  • DO abstain or significantly cut back on smoking for the week prior to surgical therapy. Avoidance of smoking during the post-surgical period is strongly recommended.
  • DO follow recommendations for stopping blood thinners as necessary. Aspirin is almost always to be stopped 4-5 days prior to surgical therapy. Anticoagulants, such as Coumadin, Plavix, etc. are typically continued on recommendation by the physician, due to their careful balance. This is to be discussed ahead of surgery with Dr. Flamme.
  • IF PRESCRIBED, do take a prescribed anti-anxiety medication, e.g. Halcion (triazolam 0.25mg) the evening prior to therapy.
  • CONSIDER filling all prescriptions prior to care for simplicity thereafter.

Day of Appointment Care

  • DO take any antibiotic if prescribed one hour prior to the surgical therapy.
  • DO take any anti-anxiety medication, if prescribed, (Halcion / triazolam 0.25mg) or equivalent one hour prior to the appointment. Arrange to be driven to and from the office.
  • DO NOT drink anything excessively prior to care, especially caffeinated products.
  • DO NOT eat a heavy meal prior to the appointment.
  • DO wear comfortable, washable clothes.
  • DO take all routine physician prescribed medications.
  • DO NOT wear excessive make-up or lipstick.
  • IF SEDATED, arrange to be driven to and from the office.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above, contact Dr. Jeffrey L Flamme, DMD at the Summit office (908 273 1337) or the Annandale office (908 735 4077). For emergencies during non-business hours call Dr. Flamme's cell phone (908 612 5978)