Digital x-rays are becoming the standard of care in dentistry because they expose patients to significantly less radiation. While conventional film radiography is still of value for certain diagnoses, most cases can be handled with digital x-rays.

With digital x-rays, the sensed data is sent directly to a computer and can be viewed instantly by the periodontist. In addition, the images can be enlarged and enhanced to be discussed with the patient or to demonstrate treatment need to insurance companies.



A digital camera is often used to generate clear, crisp digital images of the external views of gums and teeth, to further aid in diagnoses. No radiation is involved as these are photographs. The photos are then transferred instantly to a computer and can be enlarged and manipulated on the computer for better understanding by the patient.


Dr. Flamme utilizes dental implant systems that represent the state-of-the-art in both research and clinical science. They are recognized and supported by periodontists and oral surgeons worldwide. In this way should you move away from the area, you can be assured that a clinician will be able to address an issue, supply a part or find a technical support for whatever the issue might be.



The CT Scan (or CAT Scan) is a radiographic machine designed to make "slices" of a structure, such as the jaw, to visualize the structure in three dimensions, to facilitate implant placement or other treatments. As necessary, Dr. Flamme will refer to a facility that has the ability to scan the jaw and make a digital image available to Dr. Flamme for his interpretation and treatment planning. The patient is guided to the facility by prescription. The fee for this service is provided by the facility performing the CT Scan.


Piezosurgery is the use of an ultrasonic vibrating drill that cuts bone but leaves soft tissue intact. This system allows the cutting of bone with precision, and may be used to facilitate advanced bone grafting techniques, sinus augmentation surgery, and extractions in a most accurate and comfortable manner.